For the Teenagers (12  - 17 years) I offer two different AWESOME disco setups ready to wow their friends:


Disco, disco, disco! With my high powered laser and other funky disco lights party the night away to your favourite tunes and disco classics! `Hey Macarena!' A free machine is also included: smoke (please check with venue about smoke alarms), snow/foam machine or bubble machine.


Get your glowsticks at the ready! My UV lights will really brighten up your party from start to finish. To glow wear white or bright clothing and put on as much UV paint as possible! Please note: I do not provide glow sticks or UV paint, that would be at your own expense. A free machine is also included and I would recommend the UV bubbles, snow/foam machine (white so glows in the light!) or smoke machine (please check with venue about smoke alarms) if you prefer.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to achieve the full effect of the UV lights your venue will need to be as dark as possible and all windows will need to be covered, otherwise the lights may not be as effective.

You can also add a flashing strobe light or an extra machine to your booking for a small fee. 

​Parties are usually 2 hours long but can be longer if requested. The time slots available are any 2 hours from 5pm - 10pm and there is no maximum limit of attendees for these parties. There are no games for the teenagers (as they are too old for them) but plenty of the latest chart songs, action songs and their favourite tunes. Music lists are welcomed before the party and are a very good idea! Music requests can also be taken on the night but there will be no guarantee I will have them, so make sure requests are emailed to me at least 5 days before your party date. I am a professional DJ with 5 years djing experience and I am happy to play any genres of music, so surprise me!

PLEASE NOTE: Both these disco setups require additional setup and pack down time. A minimum of 1 hour is required for setup and a minimum of 45 minutes for pack down. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Price quotes for all parties are available on request. Please feel free to contact me on 07568 517719 or drop me an email at awesomeabisdisco@outlook.com and I will get back to you asap.